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Farr GPS Mount Carbon Aero Bolt-On

Farr GPS Mount Carbon Aero Bolt-On

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With the success of their Carbon Aero Bolt-On, Farr followed up with a compact and stylish way to mount a GPS device to the front-end. CNC Machined and lightweight, the Custom Alloy clamp fits snug around the front and the Wishbone center allows for the perfect positioning of the GPS either front or rear of the Bolt-On.

  • CNC Machined Alloy Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Secure Fit
  • Fully Adjustable
  • 40g total weight
  • Includes GARMIN + WAHOO Mounts

Note : NOT recommended for the Garmin 1030 for this style of lightweight and compact mount – it will be fine for smooth surfaces, but if going off-road with the 1030 ( which weighs almost 5x more than the Garmin 130 series ) the device might be able to shake loose and move during riding. Compatible Garmin units include : 130 , 530 , 830 models.

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