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Tumbleweed Persuader Bar - Alloy - 840mm

Tumbleweed Persuader Bar - Alloy - 840mm

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The Persuader is Tumbleweed's award winning mountain touring handlebar design based on many years and thousands of miles of loaded off-road touring experience, a bar focused on comfort, utility and control. With two variants of the Persuader, the original version is heat treated and triple butted chromoly steel with a clear powder coated raw finish, and the new version is heat treated 7000 series aluminum alloy with a shot peened black finish. Both versions feature a 50mm rise and a super comfy 30 degree back sweep (technically 31 degrees for the alloy bar). The Persuader was designed with a few ideas in mind - First, to have a bar that has a wide straight section next to the stem for mounting bags, so there is no forward sweep. Next, to maximize real estate in the grip area so that you could use a variety of grip/brake lever/shifter options and leave plenty of room to trim to your desired width. To get both a wide front section and a long grip section, custom tooling was made to get the bend radius in the bar as tight and compact as possible. ISO Mountain tested. The new Alloy V2 Persuader has taken the original bar design and refined it, by giving the bar a full width 31.8mm clamping area, there is plenty of room to mount a variety of accessories. The original Persuader bar is as nice of a steel bar as we were able to produce, Tumbleweed were still able to shave off half a pound with the new alloy version, as well as offer it in a new wider 840mm size for maximum control over heavy loaded bikes on rough trails. The V2 Alloy bar differs from the original Alloy Persuader bar in that it has a 200mm center clamp area instead of 160mm, which effectively pushes the start of the back sweep wider, resulting in about 1cm less back sweep than the V1 bar and allowing a shorter stem length to be run to maintain proper fit. 

Alloy Persuader V2 Specs: 

  • 840mm
  • 417 grams
  • Sweep: 31 degree
  • Rise: 50mm
  • Material: 7000 series heat treated aluminum
  • Clamp diameter: 31.8mm, with 200mm of clamp area across the center of the bar
  • The bar can be trimmed to suit rider preferences
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